Central Jersey Community Development Corporation (CJCDC)

was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1993.  The organization’s mission  is to “rebuild communities, one family at a time” by improving the social, educational and economic conditions in targeted areas in Central Jersey.  Its goal is to impact the lives of low to moderate income families to help them develop a better quality of life.  Its vision is to preserve family institutions and help make individuals better community members. CJCDC has a long history of helping vulnerable communities in New Jersey come into transition, namely by positioning then for improvement, economic growth and sustainability.

CJCDC’s neighborhood revitalization efforts are based on the notion that there is a role that people must play in their own uplift.  There are social enterprise led by grass-roots organizations that are very close to the people who have need.  If supported and empowered, they can help people who otherwise would be stuck in poverty.

CJCDC established its Family Resource Center (FRC)  to connect local residents to resources and human services that were available, but inaccessible.  Since then, the FRC has served as a lamppost for thousands of individuals and families seeking to improve their lives.  Recognizing that poverty and family challenges emanate from an interwoven set of socio-economic problems, CJCDC was the first in its geographic area to use a holistic approach to help families find immediate support and long-range solutions to their problems.  The organization has witnessed, firsthand, the devastating effects that this economic crisis has had on families and individuals throughout the state. Families are dealing with financial pressures, foreclosures, job loss, and the disillusion of the American dream.

FRC employs a partnership approach that engages families in the problem solving process while developing their skills, abilities and talents.  It also serves as a referral agency and has developed partnerships with organizations across the state to supplement the services that it does not provide.

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